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Building Mods


  • Visual Studio 2017+
  • .NET Core SDK (3.0 or newer)

Project from Template

1. Import the Visual Studio Template

The template, named Reloaded II Mod can be found in the root of this repository.

To add it to Visual Studio, copy the zip to C:\Users\[User Name]\Documents\[Visual Studio Version]\Templates\Project Templates.

You may now create a new project. New Project

(If the project(s) do not show up, this is a Visual Studio bug. Close Visual Studio, open the Visual Studio developer command prompt and run devenv /updateConfiguration.)

2. Update the Mod Configuration and Image

Once imported, update the ModConfig.json file with the relevant details of your project.

Then proceed to replace the mod preview image Preview.png.


3. Building And Debugging

Make a new folder in Reloaded II's mods folder and change the project's output directory to it. You can build the mod by simply building the solution in Visual Studio.

To debug your mods, the easiest option is to simply add Debugger.Launch(); to the Start() entry point. When executed, you will receive a prompt to start or use running version of Visual Studio.

Debugger Launch

4. Publishing

In order to publish your mod, open the mod folder in file explorer and run the Publish.ps1 script (Right Click -> Run with Powershell).

This will automatically build and archive your project. You will find a zip in the Publish directory, ready for sharing with the internet.

Publishing performs an additional optimization to your mod called ReadyToRun. More about it here.

P.S. If you are also publishing the source code (e.g. to a public git repository), don't forget to reset the project output path before you commit.

Creating Project From Scratch

If you would rather not use a template, here is how to recreate the template and create a mod project from scratch.

There is no real benefit to creating a project from scratch, this is provided merely for the curious.