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Reloaded II

Universal, C# based mod framework.
Works with anything X86, X64.

What is Reloaded II

[Reloaded II] is a Swiss army knife universal Game Modding framework.

It is an extensible and modular framework that allows you to create your own mods for any game.

Mod Loader

Highly Supported

Can be used in any 32-bit or 64-bit game.
Easy to integrate with other mod loaders.

Modular & Extensible

Minimal core. Does nothing unnecessary.
Extra functionality provided via mods themselves.

Write Mods using .NET

Fast development time with easy to learn C#.
Doesn't mean native mods aren't supported 😉.

Integrated Logging

Logs to console and file in real time.
And perhaps with a universal mod, to the screen too!

High Performance

Reloaded is built for performance.
Modern runtime, low overhead, fast startup times.

Dependency System

Mods can set requirements on other mods.
The loader will ensure they're loaded before your mod.

Early Hook

Your code executes before the game
runs a single line of code.

Hot Reload

Load & Unload supported mods at runtime.
Or even remotely, API available!

Debugging Support

Debug & Profile your code in Visual Studio
Including Edit & Continue Support1.

Mod Conflict Security

Mods are executed in isolation.
Use libraries & NuGet packages without worrying.

Mod Framework & Launcher

Automatic Installer

Install Reloaded & Runtimes with a single click.
Very fast, completes in under 30 seconds.

Automatic Updates

For everything: Launcher, Loader & Mods.
Includes super cool Delta Update technology.

Built-in Mod Configuration

Mods configurable directly from launcher.
Changes apply in real time!

Familiar UI

Including built-in tutorial.
Can be themed and translated to any language.

Multi-Game Launcher

Supports multiple games at once.
Only one copy of Reloaded is needed!

Mod Sets

Save/Load list of mods to be loaded by game.
No need to furiously check and uncheck boxes.

Clean Install/Uninstall

Doesn't modify your game's files.
Self contained. Remove Reloaded folder and it's gone.

Enhanced Download Experience

Built-in mod downloader.
1-click downloads on supported websites.


Carry your Reloaded with you.
Move your mods to any directory.

Made with LOVE

By yours truly.
Have a great day.

Platform Support


Reloaded is natively a Windows application, however active effort is undertaken to ensure compatibility with Wine.
For running Reloaded on Linux, refer to the Linux Setup Guide.

Operating System Description
Windows ✅ Native
Linux ✅ Wine (+ Proton)
OSX ⚠️ Wine (Reportedly works)
Other ❓ Unknown.
Architecture Natively Supported
Windows on ARM ❓ Unknown.


Contributions to this project are highly encouraged.

Feel free to implement new features, make bug fixes or suggestions so long as they are accompanied by an issue with a clear description of the pull request.

Documentation is just as welcome as code changes!

  1. You need to set COMPLUS_FORCEENC = 1 environment variable.