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Quick Start

Add an Application

To add an application such as a game, simply click the plus button on the top of the sidebar Add an Application. Inside the menu, click new and select an application to make a profile for:

Add An Application

Make sure to add the game and not the game's launcher.

Download Mods and Unhide

To add mods to Reloaded, simply copy/extract them to the Mods directory where you have launched the application from.

Download Mod and Unhide

If the mod download doesn't contain a directory in the zip/7z/rar file, create a new folder yourself.

Enable Mod and Launch Application

From there, simply enter the Application Menu, enable the mod and launch the application.

Enable Mod And Launch game


Reloaded uses .exe name to determine which mods should automatically be assigned to an application.

If a mod does not show in the application, click the 3 gear button (Manage Mods). From there, select the mod that you have just extracted from the list and check your game on the list below.