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Debugging Bug: CS7069: Reference to type ‘...’ claims it is defined in ‘...’, but it could not be found.

This is a bug of the Visual Studio Debugger, for more information, please look at and upvote this issue..

If you are a developer, you may encounter this issue if you run multiple mods which use different versions of the same DLL in their build output. At the moment, it seems Visual Studio cannot differentiate the assembly used by your mod's "AssemblyLoadContext"; and will always assume the first assembly with matching name is in use.


May not work if your mod has dependencies which use the same DLL but worth a try.

  • Open %appdata%/Reloaded-Mod-Loader-II/ReloadedII.json in a text editor.
  • Set LoadModsInParallel to false.
  • Drag and drop your mod to the top of the mod list so it gets loaded first.