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Frequently Asked Questions

The official downloads for Reloaded-II are on:

Anything else is unofficial.

GitHub is always kept up to date while Gamebanana is sometimes updated slightly less periodically. Regardless of what you download, the launcher will always offer to update itself to the latest up to date version.

Reloaded doesn't boot, what should I do?

Have you installed the dependencies? No, seriously, 99% of the time it's just that.

Please look directly above the download button on both GameBanana and GitHub and download ALL of the linked dependencies.

How do I get started with using Reloaded?

It's as easy as 1,2,3. Take a look at the quick start guide!

How do I report issues with Reloaded?

Please use the following link:

Can I use Reloaded with Steam games?

You might notice that for many Steam games, trying to launch them in Reloaded typically yields in the Steam launcher showing up and re-launching the game without mods.

There exists a mod to stop this behaviour reloaded.universal.steamhook which should work with most games; while keeping Steam functionality of most games still intact.

Alternatively if this does not work, try using ASI Loader (see below).

This does NOT circumvent or interact with DRM (PS. In the 0.0001% everything else fails, use Auto Inject as last resort)

Can I use Reloaded with Steam Overlay/Controller Support?

There are multiple ways to do so, but the two recommended ones are:

  • Add Reloaded Shortcut to Steam
  • Load Reloaded via a DLL replacement based code loader (e.g. Ultimate ASI Loader)

For the first option, simply create a shortcut from within the Reloaded launcher and add it to Steam, then copy the Target from your shortcut properties into Steam's own Target field.


The second option can now also be automated from the launcher, by expanding the Advanced section of Add/Edit Application Menu. Simply press the Deploy ASI Loader button and voila!


My controller does not work when using Reloaded

You're probably using an old style controller with a game that only supports Xbox-style (XInput) controllers.

Please see issues/38 for more details and workarounds.

Can I use Reloaded with Multiplayer Games?

Please don't, this isn't what Reloaded was built for and you'll most likely get banned if the game has a decent anticheat.

How do I get started with making mods for Reloaded?

Getting started with making mods is very easy, you can in fact do it from inside the launcher itself!

Follow this guide for an explanation of things.

Most people starting out without programming knowledge will probably be interested in replacing the game's files with their own. In this case, consider using the file redirector mod

Set it as a dependency during mod creation (or after by expanding Extra Options inside Manage Mods menu), drop some files in your mods and off you go!

There is also a guide for publishing mods, which details how to e.g. get update support on GameBanana.

But before you get going, reach out and consult the community! If they are already using Reloaded they may have some fancy mods, tools, or both!

How do I get started with programming mods for Reloaded?

As a programmer you should have an adequate level of self sufficiency. As such, please follow the following guide:

Documentation for two of the most commonly used libraries (they are part of the template!) can be found in the following places:

How can I contribute to Reloaded?

The easiest way to contribute to Reloaded is to look at the issue list on GitHub.

Anything labelled as accepted is up for grabs by anyone, unless assigned to a specific user. Just make sure to follow the coding style in the existing projects and try to write good code. If the code isn't up to scruff, you might be asked to make changes.

Instructions for building Reloaded, and some of the details of its internal workings are also available as part of the documentation

Documentation, especially one that benefits the end user is just as valuable as any code.

I'm from a C/C++ background? Is there any way we can transfer our existing work?

Reloaded CAN load native DLLs, albeit with limited support.
For more details please see: Native Mods

If your mod was written with an ASI Loader in mind, it should work out of the box. If your existing mod is tied with a specific mod loader (e.g. using some kind of loader API), you will need to find a way to replace this functionality.

Please note that config files may be dropped in game directory for mods originally meant for ASI loaders, unless the mod explicitly checks DLL directory; you might need to make minor changes to your mods to account for that.

You will still need to generate a mod configuration as per the guide.