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Reloaded-II supports localization, meaning that the entirety of the launcher's user interface can be translated to, or viewed in another language.

State of Localization

At the current moment in time, the implementation of localization is primitive and only covers the launcher (loader & mods are not localized). I am not sure how much demand there is for localizations.

How does Localization Work?

The launcher loads a XAML (basically XML) file present in the Languages folder of the launcher. In-launcher, the dropdown is automatically populated with the list of every file available in that folder, by name.

If no translation exists for a piece of text, the text will default to English (Great Britain), i.e. a string from en-GB.xaml will be used.

Where are the Localization Files

For a downloaded/release version of Reloaded II, the languages are stored in the Languages folder inside the launcher directory.

If you are working with the Source Code of Reloaded II, the localizations are stored in Source/Reloaded.Mod.Launcher/Assets/Languages.

Creating Translations

Creating translations is very easy.

If you are creating a new translation, copy the file en-GB.xaml (default language), and modify the containing text in a text editor.

If you are updating a translation, check en-GB.xamlfor any missing entries and append them to the end of your translation file.

As Reloaded gets updated, new text is always added to the bottom of en-GB.xaml. You can determine if a translation is complete if the last text entry for any language and en-GB.xaml is the same.